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Day 9: @EMSL @tindie @alvaroprieto @joegrand and surplus shopping!

Today has been a whirlwind of CRAZY awesome. The morning started with Whisker and I waking up late but eventually making it to the Electronics Flea Market where we met up with @alvaroprieto and @emilepetrone of @Tindie! It was a lot of looking around at the old stuff people had, bartering with them, and enjoying the energy of the market. Whisker found a 4track cassette recorder and I got some heat shrink. Rochester should definitely do this on a monthly basis. DEFINITELY.

Note, Emile is hardcore. Like totally hardcore. He BIKED from home to the fleamarket.

On our way out, we were introduced to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (@EMSL), one of few couples (in engineering circles, as far as we’re aware) who work on projects together. They were kind enough to invite us over to their shop for a tour which was next to HSC Electronics. So we went to get lunch, then went to HSC electronics, a surplus store. Again note, Emile biked to lunch and then to HSC from there. Hardcore.

HSC Electronics is a surplus store that we like well enough, and everything’s labelled appropriately, but the prices aren’t THAT attractive for me. I did get some parallel 4bit LCDs though, so hopefully when I get home, I’ll be able to experiment with those a bit. After HSC, we went to Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories (@EMSL - which is well known for their Egg-Bots and their Water Color Bot Kits. It was started by Windell @Oskay and @1Lenore Edman and they work together to make really nice quality educational kits. So we got to check out their shop and they demonstrated a bunch of their products and projects. Very dynamic couple, and inspiring with all that they are doing. One thing we both thought was particularly clever was their clock with shadow hands. <— easier to see than to describe clearly.

After their tour and some super strong coffee made by Lenore, we went to WeirdStuff Warehouse, another awesome surplus store. I personally like this one because things are a bit more haphazard and prices are way affordable. I found a bunch of random stuff, PULLEYS (which I’m very excited about), and a typewriter head, amongst other things. Weirdstuff rocks.

But the story’s not done! After WeirdStuff, we dropped Emile off at Tindie HQ and got a chance to see where all of the magic happens :) Got some shirts, got to talk about swimming in billions of dollars, hahaha jk jk. But seriously, go put your stuff on Tindie’s site so he can make you money and vice versa :) He works very hard to get the site’s services right, and for all of the harrassment he gets from us sellers, he’s a rockstar at wanting to do things right, and then doing them. So we are collectively quite thankful for Tindie.

What a day. Thanks to @keelygrand and @joegrand as well for all of the time it takes to host us and to truck us around - it is greatly appreciated :)


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